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Different rhythms. Many cultures. A single drum set.
For a musician it's essential to live variability. Music is influenced by so many things. Why should I limit myself then?

My projects:
Baschnagel Group
Pius Baschnagels Latinworld

Müller Kramis Baschnagel
Pius Baschnagel Influences
The Baschnagel Racine Avalanche Project

Grab Girod Baschnagel



A proud member of:

Marianne Racine Quartet
Zürich Jazz Orchestra
Barbara Dennerlein Duo


Swiss Jazz Orchestra

Herbie’s Explo 3000

Adrian Frey Dreams Abroad
Walilter Jauslin Quintet
Fox Picture Music
Laura Cesar Quartet
Marco Santilli Quartet

Phil Stöckli Quintet

Sanni Project

Armen Donelian Swiss Trio


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