Musician. Drummer. Composer.

I am a musician  - 'cause I feel music with all my heart and soul.

I am a drummer - 'cause I always tap a beat & my hands are never still.

I am a composer - 'cause sometimes words just can't express the way I feel.


Hello! Thank you for




HARD TIMES.... Lots of cancellations! See shows.

Time to practice and compose...

But there is good NEWS as well:

-We had a very inspiring and successfull recording Session with my Band. Thank you SRF2, thank you Andy Nerseheimer, thank you brothers from my Group. CD will be out early 2021.

-Excieting music coming up with the ZJO by Steffen Schorn. We had intense and fantastic time in the Studio, End of September

Latest CDs: 

Baschnagel Group-Hello Dear Zyklop

Marianne Racine: Common Ground

Christoph Grab: Reflections

Get the "Hello Dear Zyklop" Record (Vinyl or CD). Order under "MUSIC"!

Hope to see you soon!


BASCHNAGEL GROUP ist mein eigenes Projekt. 

Fünf hervorragende Musiker verbinden Bewährtes mit Neuem, strukturierte Stücke mit Improvisation und bringen durch ihre unkonventionelle Art frischen Wind in die Schweizer Jazzszene.

© 2016 by Pius Baschnagel